For The Love of Books

With or Without Him

With or Without Him - Barbara Elsborg Wow. I cried and I didn't expect that at all. Tyler is so sweet and mentally innocence it made my heart went out to him the whole book.

Dirty Deeds

Dirty Deeds - S.E. Jakes

Arrrggghhh! Give me the next book, like, now!

My Summer of Wes

My Summer of Wes - Missy Welsh I saw the cover and I was like, what?

You and a Billion Blue Tiles

You and a Billion Blue Tiles - Missy Welsh So sweet and seriously hot. I really, really like it. Love the epilogue!

The Professional

The Professional: Parts 1-3 - Kresley Cole Looking forward to reading Maksim and Dmitri's stories.

Midnight Shadows (Midnight, #3.5)

Midnight Shadows (Midnight, #3.5) - Lisa Marie Rice 3.5 stars

Holiday Bound

Holiday Bound - Beth Kery 3.5 stars

Love Thy Neighbor (Friend-Zoned #2)

Love Thy Neighbour - Belle Aurora It's a fun and sexy read. I really hate the fact that Nat had oral sex with the other guy, though. The h/H having any kind of sex with someone else after the h and H hooked up is my major pet peeves. It's kinda drag on and on toward the end. Should be a few chapters less, I suppose.


Raw - Belle Aurora Oh, boy. Drug dealer/stalker/sociopath hero is kinda intriguing.

Protecting What's His (Line of Duty, #1)

Protecting What's His (Line of Duty, #1) - Tessa Bailey I need longer epilogue!

What Happened at Midnight

What Happened at Midnight - Courtney Milan 3.5 stars

Extreme Danger (The McCloud Brothers, Book 5)

Extreme Danger - Shannon McKenna I'd give 6 stars if I could!

Forever Too Far (Too Far, #3)

Forever Too Far (Too Far, #3) - Abbi Glines 3.5 stars
The Kraken King  (Iron Seas, #4) - Meljean Brook There are going to be 8 parts. I swear, they're trying to kill me with all these serials. I can't help myself but reading each parts before they're all out. It is tormenting!

Never Too Far

Never Too Far - Abbi Glines I was afraid I'm going to be disappointed but I love it! The only one thing I'm not happy about this book is, well, it's too damn short! I want a couple of hundred pages more.

By the way, if Nan is going to be with Grant then I'm done. Really, I cannot begin to think about it without being sick.

Entwined with You (Crossfire, #3)

Entwined with You (Crossfire, #3) - Sylvia Day 3.5 stars

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